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Anonymous asked:: what video is it where cass is talking in front of the american flag

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TV Line: Cassadee Pope on Lower-Register Woes, ‘Over You’ Magic and Glass Dresses


Cassadee Pope says she found it “silly” that some fans of The Voice felt that the pre-existing fan base she brought from her old band Hey Monday should have kept her from competing on Season 3 of NBC’s hit singing competition.

“I obviously appreciate all the fans I gained from my band, but there weren’t enough of them to make me a very successful artist,” she says. “To me, being successful is selling a lot of records and selling out big venues on tour, and it’s not up to anyone else to decide what success is for me.”

Plus, she adds, she’s worked hard for years and paid her dues, just like any struggling musician. “When Hey Monday first started, there was this very cool hype around us and a label behind us that was excited. But then the momentum started going away,” the eventual Season 3 winner explains. “That was hard, because I actually liked our music more the longer we were together.”

When she moved to L.A. a little over a year ago to launch a solo career, Cassadee says she had to “swallow my pride knowing that I was going to be a little fish in a very big sea.” When she failed to generate any interest from labels or management, she decided The Voice was an opportunity she couldn’t turn down — and it turned out to change the course of her life and career.

TVLine caught up with Cassadee to discuss her most memorable Voice performances, her early-season vocal woes, and her plans for keeping her iTunes momentum alive.

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Anonymous asked:: does cass know that the used to video is on youtube?



Cassadee on the Pope Family Holiday Traditions!

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merry christmas everyone!

thanks for following and supporting cassadee! hope you had a fab christmas! 

- fuckyeahcpope <3

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Anonymous asked:: When was her song used to made? I dig it!!!!! Wish it was on iTunes!!!

uMMMM…i’d have to say she was probably 16ish years old?

edit: oh wow ok so apparently she was 13. dang

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Cassadee Pope's Blind Audition: "Torn"

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Sing along with us! “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….”

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