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Anonymous asked:: Oh okay. Thank you for letting me know. I saw pictures of a little boy on Cassadee's instagram and thought it might have been Ashley's.

no problem! the boy you’re seeing is most likely her baby cousin

Anonymous asked:: I SAW CASSADEE ON A MAGAZINE COVER TODAY!!! she was on the cover of Star magazine. and it was talking about how her dad said she was faking about their relationship... Probably false but it's awesome she was on the cover.

…are you serious? that’s fucked up. take whats said with a grain of salt.

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Told You So
Cassadee Pope


Cassadee Pope - Told You So

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cassadee pope & kelly clarkson. (x)
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Anonymous asked:: Do you know if Ashley Pope has a kid?

nope, no kids!

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Cassadee’s pre-Hey Monday music video, ‘Used To’

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thank you for re-posting edits i made 5 months ago.

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