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Tales from Tour: Blake Shelton recounts a time Cassadee Pope had a bra malfunction while they were performing onstage.

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Animal in Me - Cassadee Pope (Motely Crue Cover) (Studio) (iTunes)

Edge of a Thunderstorm - Cassadee Pope (Studio Acoustic)

Live Cover Songs

That Don’t Impress Me Much - Cassadee Pope (Shania Twain Covers)
I Won’t Back Down - Cassadee Pope (Tom Petty Cover)
Bed Of Roses - Cassadee Pope (Bon Jovi Cover)

New Live song

Like There’s No Tomorrow - Cassadee Pope

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Like There's No Tomorrow
Cassadee Pope
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We’ve had our tumblr blog for many years, however it’s just not serving its purpose anymore. You can now find us at:

Team Cassadee Pope

We’d like to thank all our tumblr blog friends for staying tuned into our tumblr. We hope to bring you the same info AND MORE at our new blog! If you would like to join us, start by creating a FREE blog at and give us a follow. We’ve decided to be more interactive and we will be following every blog that follows us back! Hope to see you there

We will continue posting just photos once the new blog is up and running. But all info will now be posted from our new blog. We are disconnecting tumblr from our social media sites
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Also got to see Cassadee Pope in Atlantic City :D It was such a great night!

More photos here. Please do not steal.

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Cassadee covering Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi.

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Cassadee live at Woodystock

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The crowd & Rian sang happy birthday to Cassadee tonight! Here is it

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