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The crowd & Rian sang happy birthday to Cassadee tonight! Here is it

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"And she sings like Fergie! Fuck that, she’s better than Fergie." (x)

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YES @CassadeePope is a guest co-host on this weekend’s #CMTHot20.


YES @CassadeePope is a guest co-host on this weekend’s #CMTHot20.

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So I want to do a birthday thing for Cassadee (with jcocvs) since no one else is doing it, I was thinking I would just make a video for her, so I would really appreciate it if you participated.

  • Basically I just want you to make a short video with you saying a birthday message for Cassadee.
  • I  prefer you film yourself but if you really don’t want to, then you could just type out a message and I’ll put it in the video. You could also add a picture of you & cassadee together, to be the background of your text.
  • Make sure (no matter which one you do) you include your name and your tumblr or twitter username.

Uploading it:

  • Upload your video/text wherever you want. (youtube, tumblr, etc) then you can either
    • Post it (or the link) on tumblr and tag my url (gayforcassadee)
    • Send it (or the link) to me through twitter. my Twitter username is @emilyyy_16
    • Email it (or the link) to me through email. My email is
  • I’ll message you/tweet you/email you back to tell you I received it.
  • Please send it to me before the 27th so I have time to edit it.

she also made a birthday blog, ( hbdcasspope) so  if you’d like to post your picture and a message that will also go onto a tumblr page for her.

If you can also reblog this so more people can see it, that’d be great.

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Cassadee with Mötley Crüe


Cassadee with Mötley Crüe

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The Animal In Me (Official Audio) from Nashville Outlaws, in stores now!

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